The Trapped in the 90's event at Mister East was a Day to remember! So many birthdays were celebrated and so much love in the room! One of the highlights was when DJ Nasty dropped the "Swag N Surf" hit and the entire room rocked from side to side! What an epic Day! ”
Phil's Birthday Brunch in Midtown (NYC) on Presidents weekend was a blast! I had so much fun I Dropped my phone because it was out of control! lol! So many good people I met for the first time, it was worth the trip from NJ! what more can I say! it's Official!!!”

— Danny Williams

Brunch on May 21st was Spectacular! Model Felicia Verna' came out to celebrate her birthday and there were of ton of other birthday celebrations and even a Bachelorette party! Special Giveaways and a packed crowd made this an event to remember! ”
Uptown Harlem! is the classic location for Brunch! The Mecca of Brunch in NYC! Its a unique melting pot of young professionals that come from all over the country! Every First Saturday from Noon to 7 pm at Angel of Harlem you can expect a great time! ”