Dear Summer BBQ WASHINGTON D.C. !!!!!

So Since our freshman year at VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY My Friends and I built a bond that still stands to this day. We are from all over the east coast From Boston, NY, NJ and as far south as Virginia, West Virginia and even Dallas Tx. Everyday we hung out in or outside of Foster Hall. Countless Memories. After We graduated and began our various careers we pick a restaurant to celebrate each others birthday throughout the year and laugh about college days and all of our good times etc. So one day we felt like catching up a homecoming and each others birthdays was cool but wanted to do something else. Something for people to talk about, something legendary. Hence forth we created " DEAR SUMMER BBQ" Yes! Dear Summer, " I know you gone miss me, for we been together like nike airs and crisp tees" So fast forward we had 8 legendary years in Harlem NY with over three thousand attendees on a yearly basis and here we are for Dear Summer WASHINGTON D.C. !!!!! THE DATE IS SATURDAY AUGUST 24TH!!!! Get YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!! 


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